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County-level data and information about the Assessed Health Issue and Social Determinants of Health indicators can be found in the report appendices.

Key findings

Cancer Mortality Rate

Throughout the OHC Region, there is variability in these measures. The overall cancer mortality rate in the Joplin Community is 24% higher than the mortality rate in the adjacent Branson Community. 

Recent Mammogram

Screening percentages are more consistent throughout the OHC Region’s communities, but there are areas of elevated concern. For example, the percent of Mountain View residents reporting a recent mammogram is roughly 7% lower than the regional average. 

Cancer Incidence Rates

An interesting story emerges when examining the impact of cancer on the OHC Region. Overall, the Region has a lower cancer incidence rate (419.9 per 100,000) than Missouri (454.9) and the nation (448.7). While, on the surface, this may seem to be something to celebrate. However, mortality is comparatively high (+3% compared to Missouri and +12% compared to the national average). Screening procedure metrics that track recent mammograms, pap smears and adequate colorectal cancer screening all fall below the national and state averages.  

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